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Indoor Adventure Park, Indoor Soft Play, Outdoor Play Structure

Liben Group Corporation, as a one-stop service park builder and consultant, innovative design, good quality, after-sales service available, offer various types of  Wall Games for your park.  Please contact us for prices and more details. 


Name: Wall Game LE.JX.004 (One Family)
Material: MDF board, imported New Zealand pine
Apply to:Communities, amusement park, kindergarten, pre-school, residential area...

Indoor Wall Games

Indoor Wall Games For Kids

Material: mdf board
a. Anti-slip, easy for carry and cleanout
b. Eco-friendly, Nontoxic
c. Safe and durable, uneasy to fade
Apply to: Amusement park, preschool, residential area, etc

Funny Wall Game Toys

Funny Wall Game Toys

Funny Wall game toys LE-JX034
Measurements(mm):140*140*125 (L*W*H)
Apply to: kindergarten, home use,play park

Kids Wall Game

China Liben Kids Wall Game

The main material of this kids wall game is MDF board. It can be used for school, home use and so on.

Wall Game Toys

Children Educational Wall Game Toys

Liben children educational wall game toys LE.JX.021
Measurements(cm):75*45*10 (L*W*H)
Apply to: kindergarten, home use

Kindergarten Wall Game

Kindergarten Wall Game

Category: Wall Game
Size: 180*59*10cm
Shape: Caterpillar
Age Range: All ages
Packing Volume: 0.06 CBM
Apply to: Scholl, kindergarten, residential area, restaurant.

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