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Liben is China outdoor combination slide equipment factory, with a professional design and production team, color can be customized according to your requirements,TUV approved high quality with factory price.

outdoor combined side

Kindergarten Swing Solid Outdoor Combined Side

Children’s combined slide for kindergarten is a large children’s toy that they like most during their growths between 3 and 8 years. Children’s feelings for swing combined slide is irritative, fresh,funny and interesting. Children’s combined side projects can be seen in many places. In children’s outdoor extending activities, it plays an irreplaceable role.

Outdoor Wooden Combined Slide

Non Standard Customized Outdoor WOODEN COMBINED SLIDE

Non standard customized wooden combined is an exclusive design according to the actual effect of the site, such design method can well show the style of product itself. For example, for a wooden combined slide of outdoor physical ability, in terms of design, it is analysized through professional market research and then the finished product is designed

Outdoor Climbing Combined Slide Equipment

The Price Of Children’s Outdoor Climbing Combined Slide Equipment

Every child is the core of a family, parents will take their kids to have a look at outside world as long as they have time, and the popular children’s playground is one of the best places for parents and children. Actually, no matter in outdoor playground or indoor playground, there will always be a fun equipment for children to play, and the children’s outdoor climbing combined slide is just such an equipment.

Combined Slide

Outdoor Lightly Rocking Swing Combined Slide

Outdoor lightly rocking swing combined slide is a technically innovative design based on the traditional manufacturing craft, which is specifically designed for children in outdoor parks and kindergartens. U-shaped bending board and frosted surface are adopted to provide children with a more intimate and stylish safe environment for playing.

Climbing Combined Slide

Physical Climbing Combined Slide In Children’s Playground

Climbing frame shows various forms, including rope net climbing? frame, combined climbing frame and other different types of style items. The overall effect of the experience is a bit like a climbing wall, but the rack replaces the point of use with a hollow circle. Rope net climbing frames are much less difficult than climbing walls.

Outdoor Climbing Combined Slide

Non-standard Customized Combined Slide Of Inclined House Theme Style

Children’s outdoor combined playground slide is not just a simple slide, but it scientifically combines with drilling holes, rock climbing wall, mesh, rope net climbing and a series of functional playground equipments, which is equal to the achievement of a small children’s activity site.

Integrated Maze Combined Slide

Integrated Maze Combined Slide In Outdoor Playground

Integrated maze combined slide in outdoor playground uses high-end manufacturing craft, and the equipment is produced with the material of engineering plastic, stainless, galvanized steel pipe and soft roll. It not only conforms to children’s and teenagers’ common hobbies, but also meets parents’ high requirements for modern playground equipments.

Outdoor Playground Stainless Steel Equipment

The Price Of Outdoor Playground Stainless Steel Equipment Customization

Outdoor playground stainless steel customized slide equipment uses 304 stainless steel in the overall modeling and design, such a slide can protect children’s safety. At the same time, by excellent craft manufacturing, it brings the best visual feeling for children’s park, holiday center, shopping hall, playground, and also brings a better playing experience project.

Castle Combined Slide

Little Doctor Series Castle Combined Slide

The main source of inspiration of the design style of this castle series is from the elegant and magnificent series of 16 actual thematic castle. In the Ancient Greek with the atmosphere of art and philosophizing, the gate of the whole castle just like being opened by a group of lovely elves, the fairy’s wand waves gently, all kinds of kids gather here, say hello and play with their favorite cartoon heroes. It will be a fantastic dream trip, playing in a fairy tale world full of happiness.

Outdoor Jungle Trekking Combined Slide

Little Doctor Outdoor Jungle Trekking Combined Slide

In fact, originally, there’re many kinds of programs of jungle trekking, including sky explosion, walking through the jungle. The orginal place of jungle trekking is Europe, it is a healthy, fashionable and environmental outdoor sport. It produces different-shaped program with natural trees, palisades, hillstones, which has different degree of difficulties, making forest parks more interesting.

Outdoor Combined Slide

Little Doctor Sky City Outdoor Combined Slide

It seems that the concept of outdoor combined slide haven’t intervened people’s impressions. For most people, there’s no difference between outdoor combined slide and slide. But in fact, outdoor combined slide is a quite popular outdoor extending and entertaining playground equipment.

Outdoor Combined Slide

Children Outdoor Combined Slide

Children’s combined slide itself is a kind of playground equipment with a high voice at children’s age range. Different kinds of slides can be chosen according to different functional playing methods. At the same time, this kind of combined slide gathers a series of lots of equipments, forming a playing pattern of slide +, which not only brings a happy playing environment, but also enhances playing atmosphere of amusement market.

Combined Slide

Wood Outdoor Combined Slide Playground Equipment

Wood outdoor playground equipment is a popular and environmentally friendly playground equipment in present market. It’s mainly used in outdoor parks, communities, kindergartens, etc as a landscape type outdoor playground equipment. And today’s wood outdoor combined slide is a very popular customized playground equipment.

Outdoor Combined Slide

Children’s Outdoor Combined Slide

Compared with traditional common slide, children’s outdoor combined slide has better functionality, including net rope climbing combined slide, swing combined slide and other different kinds of combined slide. This kind of combined slide can exercise children's physical coordination ability and cultivate the quality of not being afraid of difficulties.

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