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Indoor Adventure Park, Indoor Soft Play, Outdoor Play Structure

Liben is China outdoor combination slide equipment factory, with a professional design and production team, color can be customized according to your requirements,TUV approved high quality with factory price.

Customized Children’s Theme Combined Slide

Customized Children’s Theme Combined Slide Of Manufacturer Direct Sale In Park And Community

Through different amusement equipments can meet children’s curiosity and competitiveness. In the fierce running activities, it can also enhance the cardiopulmonary function of children . In the interaction with other children, modest courtesy is the initial heart of our company in designing the combined slide.

 Combined Slide

Outdoor Large Little Doctor Combined Slide

Slide is children’s favorite, and it’s also the most popular outdoor amusement equipment. No matter it’s the plastic slide, wooden slide or the pretty popular stainless steel slide, they all have good weather resistance. And it’s not easy to fade or corrode even under sunny or rainy days, wear well and durable, which is the first choice of outdoor children’s amusement equipment, and it can be seen in kindergartens, parks and real estates.

Amusement Equipment

The Amusement Equipment Of Imported Log Of Nature Series In Park

Relatively speaking, wooden series amusement equipment is environmentally friendly at present, and parents can use the amusement product materials without worries, but because most of the raw materials are imported from the wooden products of high-end yellow pear wood or a rosewood material, as well as the different production environment makes the difficulty of the production bigger.

 Little Doctor Combined Slide

Outdoor Unpowered Little Doctor Combined Slide

Unpowered small Little Doctor children’s combined slide has super-long slide of 170cm, which can make children play happily. For the slide, the extra-long safe sliding area should be broadened so that the player can have enough time to play.

Outdoor  Combined Slide

New Outdoor Engineering Plastic Combined Slide

This new engineering plastic slide is presented in outdoor space in the form of a combination of multiple single play items, which really makes many children happy. Many businessmen of children’s slide project will also choose such a combined series products.

Outdoor Children’s Combined Slide

Little Doctor Customized Outdoor Children’s Combined Slide

Large combined slide is a new concept in present amusement market, it is a systematic combined amusement space, you can not only feel the fun of slide, but also can show other ways of playing, such as rock climbing and climbing. Anything that can be associated with children’s play can be added to the overall play system through combination.

Outdoor Combined Slide

Hot Style Of Outdoor Combined Slide At Home And Abroad In 2020

The whole slide adopts the materials of plastic, solid wood, stainless steel and so on, and the material is selected according to your wanted effect. Generally speaking, combined slide of plastic material is mostly used in kindergartens. Because plastic material has strong plasticity, and it’s easy to transform colors, it’s of great importance to use plastic combined slide in many places.

Non-standard Customized Combined Slide

Non-standard Customized Combined Slide Of Outdoor High-end Brand

Non-standard customized combined slide is a kind of facility product that is specifically and thematically customized for high-end outdoor places. Because the size of the product is relatively wide, they are customized in many small playgrounds including kindergartens.

Outdoor Children’s Climbing Combined Slide

Manufacturer Custom-made Outdoor Children’s Climbing Combined Slide

Combined climbing children’s slide is children’s outdoor playground that focus on fitness, amusement, and exercise children’s climbing abilities. It’s a comprehensive children’s park that can be designed with different styles and themes according to children’s interest and hobbies.

Outdoor Swing Combined Slide Equipment

The Price Of Children’s Outdoor Swing Combined Slide Equipment

Children’s swing combined slide equipment is very common in outdoor space, by the combination of swing and slide, giving children a happy plying experience space. In the process of building swing combined slide, careful arrangement between swing and slide is needed, and each device with different functions fits each other. Only in this way can children get the best experience effect.

Outdoor Parent-child Plastic Combined Slide

The Customization Of Outdoor Parent-child Plastic Combined Slide Equipment

With the progress and development of times, parents have better expectations for their children, but the time differences brought from the increasing of economic level makes parents have less time to accompany their kids. Therefore, parent-child amusement project that is needed in market has better development space.

The Stainless Steel Combined Series

The Stainless Steel Combined Series Of Outdoor Wooden Paradise

Outdoor wooden paradise uses stainless steel as the platform, sailing rope net as the net cage, 304 stainless steel screw as the fastener, engineering plastic as the roof of slide and tire climbing frame and so on, and the main materials include plastic wood, carbonized wood, pineapple lattice, camphor frame and anticorrosive wood, etc.

Climbing Combined Slide

The Price Of Children’s Drilling And Climbing Combined Slide In Civic Center

There are many types of children’s outdoor slides, and stainless steel slide is a common one. Stainless steel slide has good weather resistance and long useful period because of using the material of 304 stainless steel. Compared with general material, stainless steel slide has the features of anti-corrosive property, smoothness and brightness, so it is also popular with children.

Outdoor Playground Wooden Combined Slide

The Manufacturer Customization Of Outdoor Playground Wooden Combined Slide

As a playground project that gathered with leisure, amusement and fitness in many outdoor public places, outdoor wooden combined slide is designed according to the children’s interest and produced into different thematic styles, which is a overall children’s playground project.

Children’s Outdoor Combined Slide

The Price Of Modern Style Children’s Outdoor Combined Slide

Modern style children’s outdoor combined slide emphasizes safety, fitness, entertainmental protection, educational, but because there are too much mixed products, directly disrupte investors to buy a real view of children’s outdoor combined slide.

Outdoor Large Kindergarten Combined Slide

The Manufacturer Of Outdoor Large Kindergarten Combined Slide

Kindergarten outdoor large combined slide is specific for high-end kindergarten to thematically customize facility products. Because the size of the product is widely used, it is customized in many small playgrounds and kindergartens. A combined slide is an indispensable playground project in any amusement venue nowadays. Outdoor playground combined slide makes children’s childhood happier.

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