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Indoor Adventure Park, Indoor Soft Play, Outdoor Play Structure

The various products at Liben Play are constantly being updated ,with novel games that are not only fun to play and satisfy the children but are also of high quality and meet international safety standards.

Liben New Game Swing Bridge

Swing Bridge

Swing bridge is an alternative for slackline or battle beam in trampoline park. It looks like an soft pads cover chain bridge and would be set above the foam pit. Swing bridge challenges the players' balance ability. Make sure you don't fall into the foam pit.

Liben New Game Jump Tower

Jump Tower

Jump tower or jumping tower, as you can see from the below design or photo, is a high structure for players to jump off and catch the boxing bag in front. It's a extremely high challenging game for players, especially those with acrophobia.

Liben Glow Trampoline

Fluorescent Trampoline

Glow trampoline, also known as fluorescent trampoline, is making the trampoline park glow in the dark, which looks pretty cool. When you're planning your trampoline park, you can make some part to be fluorescent, for example, glow-in-the-dark dodgeball area or glow free jump zone. Glow party in trampoline park would be very popular, turn off the light, trampoline glows, FUN for all ages!!

Trampoline Park New Game Sky Rider

Sky Rider

Sky rider is like a roller coaster and zip line combined into one, it is a simple but highly addictive thrill ride, giving the rider the unique sensation of flying, with the adrenaline rush of speed whilst swooping round bends.

Liben Novel Game Donut Slide

Donut Slide

Donut slide, also called tubby slide is a different alternative to the normal slides. Due to the white "needle mushroom-like" surface of the slope, it's like sliding down the snowy hill during winter. Donut slie is quite popular among the young players as sliding down in a fast speed is quite thrilling, you can feel zero gravity during the few seconds of sliding.

Liben Interactive Play Game

Tap Fun

Interactive tap fun is a new interactive button pressing game developed by the Liben Group. It is combined with a trampoline. It has 3 modes and 4 play methods. It is an indispensable interactive project in the dodgeball area of the trampoline park.

Trampoline Park Spider Wall

Spider Wall

The trampoline park spider wall, also known as the velcro wall or sticky wall, contains velcro clothes and walls. The cover of spider wall are made of PVC cover and velcro. It is a supporting equipment and function of the trampoline park.

Trampoline Boxing

Trampoline Boxing

Trampoline boxing, as you can tell from the name, it's turning the boxing stage on trampoline and makes boxing very fun for normal players. Similar to the boxing rules, on trampoline we also have two people competing each other. They will wear protective gloves, which are bigger than normal and look hilarious.

Soccer Dart

Football dart, also known as inflatble football dart, is a kind of fun football game which combines soccer and darts. Players kick a sticky football to the big inflatable dart board to see the score they get. Similar to the dart game, where the ball hits determines the scores you get.

Inflatable Bullfight


Inflatable bullfight is a novel funny game for indoor amusement park. It creates an experience of how would it feel to ride on a bull. As you can see the equipment, there's a bull in the middle of the round inflatable arena. Once the game starts, the electronic bull will rotate and shake to get the play off its back. The player can rider on the bull and try best not to fall from it.

Liben Large Crazy Wave Slide

Crazy Slide

The crazy slide can be divided into two types. The first one is crazy 90-degree slide, in fact, it is just exaggerated and not completely 90 °, with a slight slope. And the second one is called big wave slide which is more suitable for young children. You can let the children challenge and adapt slowly on the rainbow slide, and then try the more exciting 90-degree slide.

Liben Big Swing Trapeze


Trapeze in trampoline park looks like a big swing and can make you fly like Tarzan does in the jungle freely. With your hands on the bar, you can swing in the air, let go at the right time and then fall into the foam pit. Also you can compete with others for who's the one flies the longest.

Half-pipe Trampoline

Half-pipe Trampoline

Half pipe trampoline looks like a V shaped trampoline area. It includes two sides of angled trampoline and one thin long trampoline in the middle. Half pipe trampoline tests the players' ability of strength, balance and skills.

Drop Slide

Vertical drop slide is an exciting indoor amusement game which would brings you extraordinary experience. It allows the players to confront the fear and thrill of height and speed both. You will wear a special suit and safety helmet. Once ready for the challenge, you will lie on the bottome of the slide, hold onto a handle bar and then be pulled up the surface of the slide to the top. You can let go any time and experience the free fall down the slide.

Trampoline Jump Platform

Jump Platform

Jumping platform is an indoor high-altitude game that has evolved from a diving game. It is generally combined with foam pit or airbag area in trampoline park. Through the platform from high jump into the foam pit or air bag with various movements, bring unlimited excitement and pleasure to players.

Liben Electronic Dodgeball

Electronic Dodgeball

Electronic dodgeball is a type of balls fight game. It includes two electronic sensor boards and one score board. The players can be divided into two teams and compete against each other. Once the game starts, aim opponent's sensor board and throw the balls, if balls hit the board you can get scores. The side getting more scores win.

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