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Soft play structures are designed to provide safe play space for small kids. They can always find great fun and explore the world by play. Liben soft play structures mainly include indoor soft play, ropes course, role play games and interactive play games.

8 Themes for your choice

Indoor soft play is providing a safe environment for toddler and children, and designed to stimulate the senses to encourage coordinated movement. The soft, vibrant and padded section lets kids crawl, climb, roll and have fun at a distance from the bigger kids. It usually built in the shopping mall, daycare center, restaurant and so on. Our indoor soft play theme include jungle, ocean, macaron, space, castle, candy, cartoon, etc. And customized theme design is available. We use good quality LLDPE, galvanized steel pipe and cast iron connector. Indoor soft play basic game plan consist with main area, ball blaster, toddler area, role play, sand pit, EPP building block, electronic games, ball pool. And you could choose some popular and interesting games such as drop slide, donut slide, rainbow nest, volcano climb, ropes course, ball play and interactive play. All Liben material and structure strictly meet to EN1176-1 standard and certificated by TUV Rheinland.

British Theme

Ice Theme

Jungle Theme

Space Theme

Castle Theme

Traffic Tower

0-50sqm 50-100sqm 100-200sqm 200-300sqm >300sqm
Liben Ocean Theme Indoor Play Space

Indoor Play Space


Liben Traffic Theme Indoor Play Structure

Indoor Play Structure


Liben Ice Theme Indoor Soft Play

Indoor Soft Play


Jungle Theme Indoor Playground

Indoor Playground


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