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Indoor Adventure Park, Indoor Soft Play, Outdoor Play Structure

Liben Play is a climbing wall supplier, high quality&low price,meets international safety standards and offers new designs, new routes, new heights, and new ways to play, so you can experience climbing differently.

Outdoor Slide

Factory Outlet Outdoor Slide For Kids

Climbing Frame with Slide refer to the popular design of European and American, based on the needs of domestic development, combining run, drill, climb, slide, roll and other functional movements children's fun play. Not only exercise children's balance, independent coordination and creativity, but also help to enhance the children's sense of self-protection.

 Combined Slide

High-end Outdoor Children Combined Slide

In order to enrich the facilities in communities, construction real estate center for children’s amusement is even more diligently, now in the major high-grade residential area have to establish a professional children’s outdoor playground equipment, such as large slides, seesaw, swing, rocking horse, pavilion, etc. These are actually not only the necessary facilities in high-grade residential area, but will be perfected in general public communities.

Outdoor Slide

Outdoor Large Combined Playground Equipment

Each accessory of combined slide can be distinguished by colors, at the same time, it will brighten up people’s eyes and have a good effect by the combination of different colors. The harmonious collocation between colors and the collection between plastic parts are suitable for children’s play and enhance children’s intellectual development.

Outdoor Playground Equipment

?The Quotation Of Outdoor Playground Equipment

Outdoor large climbing combined stainless steel slide playground equipment is a kind of innovative and multifunctional playground project. From the general direction, it’s divided into two different types of amusement facilities, including stainless steel slide and rope net climbing.

Single Swing

The Supplier Of Personalized Single Swing

Swing is the most common playground equipment in outdoor children’s playground, swing cans help children feel the balance and coordinate the position of their limbs in space. There are many types of swing, and the popular swings include nest swing, special-shaped swing and branch swing.

Personalized Swing Equipment

The Customization Of Single Outdoor Playground

Swing, it is treated as the relatively traditional outdoor playground equipment in outdoor children’s playground, no matter children at what stage of ages all can play happily on it. Also, as the single personalized playground equipment, swing can combine with other products, which can enhance the functional features of amusement.

Outdoor Combined Slide Equipment

Interactive Outdoor Combined Slide Equipment

Children’s slide is one of the sports equipments for children. A ladder is mounted on the one side of a high shelf and a skateboard is mounted on the other side. Children can climb up the ladder and slide down the ramp. It’s a common children’s playground equipment.

Single Stereoscopic Space Playground

Single Stereoscopic Space Equipment Project In Park

Liben’s outdoor small single playground equipment can provide s better visual effect of the site, and enhance children’s deep understanding about the innovative design products. The actual function and value of this kind of playground equipment is to provide children a game that can let them interactively play and coordinate.

Single Swing Equipment

?Outdoor Children Single Personalized Swing

No matter what kind of size of outdoor playground equipment has strong inclusiveness, and it can let children of different ages feel the fun of playing. At the same time, some small playground equipments such as swing, seesaw and shaking horse are all the indispensable supporting facilities in a paradise.

Single Swing

The Price Of Single Swing In Kindergarten

There are different types of playground equipments provided for children to play after class. Through a certain playing experience can enhance children’s optimistic characters, the sharing between classmates and the experience of playing together. But because the limitation of the site in kindergarten, in many cases, we are upset about designing what kind of playground equipment is the best choice.

Outdoor Rope Net Frame

The Organizational Of Outdoor Rope Net Frame

There are many large amusement projects that have attractions in apperance in outdoor amusement facilities places, among them, single organizational rope net maze climbing series playground equipment is included, which is a comprehensive playground equipment that is combined with different materials.

Rope Net Playground Equipment

Outdoor Children Rope Net Equipment For Leisure

When most parents are paying attention to the steady development of children’s amusement market status, they will do a more detailed understanding about different outdoor amusement equipments, which also includes the equipment advantages and the features of different materials.

Combined Slide

Outdoor Wooden Combined Slide Series

In outdoor children’s playground, what can not be indispensable is the outdoor wooden combined slide. This kind of slide looks like it has a strong sense of design, no matter from the aesthetics degree or from the environmental protection, it has strong advantages.

Combined Slide

Children Special-shaped Log Combined Slide

Children’s outdoor playground equipment emphasizes the advantages of integrating with nature. Children’s special-shaped log playground equipments all adopt high-end huanghua pear wood, which can guarantee the safe and efficient using effectiveness of the product material after production. At the same time, added with Liben’s exclusive technology, the product will have natural luster.

Customized Wooden Combined Slide

Non-standard Customized Wooden Combined Slide

Compared with general slide, wooden slide has very obvious advantages. If not consider outdoor weather factor, we can directly choose the sombined slide with the material of solid wood. Because the main structure of wooden slide is the solid wood. Before producing equipment project, we will use high technical craft to sculpture and treat the solid wood.

 Children Playground Equipment

?Outdoor Landscape Children Playground Equipment

Wooden slide is produced by 100% pure solid wood, such as selected imported fine plastic wood, carbonized wood, pineapple lattice, camphor wood and anticorrosive wood, which has the advantages of strong anticorrosion, natural environmental protection, natural beauty and solid durability.

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